Reports & Dashboards Workshop

Workshop Cost: $260 USD

  • 2.5 Hour Workshop
  • 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET

Learn how to leverage reports and dashboards to present and analyze your Salesforce data.  This hands-on workshop will help you understand the different types and formats of reports and how to navigate the reports and dashboard tabs.  We will practice running and modify existing reports, adding filters and filter logic in a report, using formulas and buckets in reports and we will create a dashboard and add components.  We will also discuss alternate ways to incorporate reports and dashboards in your Salesforce org.

This Course is Ideal for:

  • Salesforce Admins
  • Department Power Users
  • Any Salesforce User Looking to Master Reports and Dashboards


  • Folders, permissions and sharing
  • Running and Modifying Reports
  • Creating New Reports with the Report Builder
  • Working with Report Filters
  • Summarizing with Formulas and Visual Summaries
  • Exporting and subscribing to Reports
  • Building Dashboards
  • Alternatives for viewing your data

Prerequisite: HTT Sales Cloud End User Course or equivalent.

Certification Received: HTT Reports & Dashboards Certificate