1. A system administrator at Universal containers incorrectly imported a set of records and needs to remove them from Salesforce. Which tool should the administrator use to complete the task? (Choose 2)

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2. A marketing user has received a file of leads to import into Salesforce. What is the best way to avoid duplicating records?

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3. Which functionality is available when using the data export service? (Choose 2)

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4. Universal Containers requires that its Salesforce account data, including attachments, be backed up weekly. Which tool should a system administrator use to accomplish this?

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5. Which field type can be used as an external ID? (Choose 3)

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6. A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to mass update the lead source of opportunity records. How can this be accomplished? (Choose 2)

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7. Universal Containers needs to synchronize data between Salesforce and an external financial system. How can a system administrator accomplish this?

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8. What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce? (Choose 2)

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9. When importing data, what happens if some records do NOT meet the data validation criteria?

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10. What should be used to control a user’s ability to view a dashboard? (Choose 2)

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11. What level of access can be set when sharing a document folder with users? (Choose 2)

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12. What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM Content?(Choose 2)

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13. Which tool can automatically prevent duplicate records?

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