1. Which functionality is available when customizing tasks? (Choose 2)

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2. What type of customization can be done on Activities (tasks and events)? (Choose 3)

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3. Which is a capability of Chatter files? (Choose 2)

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4. What can be transferred from one user to another user during a mass transfer of account records? (Choose 3)

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5. What is a capability of the content delivery feature of Salesforce Content? (Choose 3)

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6. Which statement about Chatter posts and comments is true? (Choose 2)

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7. A visitor clicks on a custom redirect with an action of adding a tag. The visitor then fills out a form and becomes a prospect. The form has a completion action to add the prospect to a list. Which three things will happen to the prospect? Choose 3 answers.

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8. Which Pardot function should be used to track prospect engagement on a banner ad on a third-party site?

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9. What is true about Dynamic Content? [Choose three answers]

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10. What is true about custom redirects? [Choose two answers]

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11. You have been asked to create a list of all current customers. What list type do you select?

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12. An Administrator imported a list of trade show attendees and added them all to the same Pardot campaign.

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