1. Universal Containers is capturing a percentage discount directly on an opportunity record. Sales management needs to include the discounted opportunity amount in pipeline reports. How can the system administrator make the discounted amount available?

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2. Which statement about formula fields is true? (Choose 2)

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3. Universal Technology sells software and consulting services. The software sales team uses a different set of sales stages than the consulting services team. How can a system administrator set up the process? (Choose 2)

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4. Sales Representatives at Universal containers perform the initial steps in the lead qualification process and sales managers complete the final qualification steps. Universal Containers’ requirements are listed below. Sales managers can access all Lead status values. Sales Representatives cannot access the final two lead status values. How can a system administrator meet these requirements?

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5. Universal Containers populates the industry field on each account record. The Vice president of sales would like the industry information on related opportunity records and updated when the value is updated on the account record. How can a system administrator meet his requirement?

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6. Which statement about record types is true? (Choose 2)

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7. What automatically occurs when a custom field is deleted? (Choose 2)

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8. Sales representatives at Universal Containers need to view the number of open opportunities related to each account on the account record. How can a system administrator accomplish this?

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9. Which automation tool will prevent a record from being created in Salesforce if the rule conditions are not met?

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10. A system administrator at Universal Containers created a custom object to capture customer feedback. How can the administrator ensure that users have access to this new object?

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11. What does the controlling field determine when field dependencies are being created?

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12. What can a marketing user do using the Manage Members button on a campaign record? (Choose 2)

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13. Universal Containers has certain customers that must be placed on the Do Not Contact(DNC) list. A system administrator needs to ensure that sales representatives do not contact these customers. Which step should the system administrator take to enforce this requirement? (Choose 3)

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14. Which customization option is available for standard fields? (Choose 3)

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15. What should a system administrator consider when deleting a custom field? (Choose 3)

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16. Universal Containers has multiple support teams. One team handles technical support issues and another team handles billing issues. Currently, both teams are using cases to track incoming issues. When would a system administrator consider introducing a new record type for cases? (Choose 2)

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17. Sales management at Universal Containers needs to display the information listed below on each account record. Amount of all closed won opportunities. Amount of all open opportunities. Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?

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18. Universal Containers sells products to both businesses and consumers. Sales representatives must capture different opportunity data for each customer type. How can a system administrator ensure that the correct information is entered for the different opportunity types?

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19. The support group at Universal Containers wants agents to capture different information for product support and inquiry cases. In addition, the lifecycle for product support cases should have more steps than the lifecycle for inquiry cases. What feature should an administrator use to meet these requirements? (Choose 3)

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20. Which statement about the relationship between opportunities and products is true? (Choose 3)

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21. What does a page layout allow an administrator to control?

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22. What can be modified on standard object fields?(Choose 3)

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23. Universal Containers uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities. Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?

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24. What relationship can be selected in a custom report type where Accounts is the primary object and Contacts is the related object?

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