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Security & Access

1. Universal Containers set the Organization-Wide Defaults for accounts to public read/write. The sales management team is importing a new set of account records and needs to limit access to them. Access should be restricted to the account owner and members of a public group. How can this be accomplished?

2. Sales Managers need to view and report on sales revenue across an entire company without having access to a custom object that tracks personal time-off request. Which permission should a system administrator enable in a custom profile to meet this requirement in a private sharing model?

3. A user profile has login hour restrictions set to Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. The user logged in at 4:30 pm on a Tuesday and it is now 5:01 pm. Which behavior of the application should the user expect?

4. Which statement about public groups is true? (Choose 2)

5. Universal Finance has segmented its customer base into two categories: High Wealth and Retirement. High Wealth accounts should be visible to High Wealth Sales team members only. Retirement accounts should be visible to all sales users. How can a system administrator meet this requirement?

6. How can a System Administrator restrict users from viewing certain fields in list views, searches and reports?

7. Universal Containers outsources its first tier of customer support to a partner. What can be used to identify all individuals who contribute to resolving a case?

8. Universal Containers pushes an account number from an external accounting system into Salesforce. Sales users must be able to view the account number in Salesforce, but must not be able to modify it under any circumstances. How can a system administrator meet this requirement?

9. Universal containers need to allow a group of users to view account records they do NOT own. Which feature can the system administrator use to meet this requirement? (Choose 2)

10. What does Salesforce authenticate before allowing a user to log in through the user interface? (Choose 3)

11. Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects?

12. Which feature restricts a user’s ability to log in to Salesforce? (Choose 2)

13. Regional sales users at Universal Containers sell to both business and consumer accounts. However, sales users are unable to use the set of stages that apply to consumer opportunities. How can a system administrator correct this problem?

14. Which option is available to a system administrator when managing passwords for Salesforce users? (Choose 3)

15. A system administrator created a custom object for a recruiting application to track open positions. The administrator needs to give recruiting users the ability to read, create, edit, and delete position records. How should the administrator proceed?

16. Which statement about sharing rules is true? (Choose 2)

17. Universal Containers set the organization-wide defaults for cases to private. When a case is escalated, case ownership changes to a Tier 2 support agent. How can a system administrator give the sales operations team read/write access to all escalated cases?

18. What should a system administrator use to disable access to a custom application for a group of users?

19. Universal Containers wants to ensure that users complete the standard Industry field when creating a new account record. To address this concern, the administrator set the Industry field as required. However, some users are still able to create a new account record without completing the Industry field. What should an administrator do to troubleshoot the issue?(Choose 2)

20. Universal Containers has two business groups, Products and Services. Both groups will be using opportunities to track deals, but different fields are required by each group. How should a system administrator meet this requirement? (Choose 2)

21. When using sharing rules, what can records be shared with?(Choose 2)

22. What setting is controlled by a user’s profile?(Choose 3)

23. Universal Containers uses a private sharing model for opportunities. The sales team wants sales engineers to be involved in specific opportunities to help sales representatives close deals faster. How can an administrator meet this request?