1. When are workflow rules evaluated based on the order of execution? (Choose 2)

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2. What is required to make a user an approver in the approval process?

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3. Sales management at Universal Containers is requesting better visibility into specific types of sales deals. They need to be notified when opportunities worth a large amount are close to closing. They would also like to receive a list of opportunities that are still open past the close date. Which feature can a system administrator use to accomplish this? (Choose 2)

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4. When a lead is converted and an opportunity record is created, which other object is related to the new opportunity by default? (Choose 2)

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5. Who can cases be assigned to when case assignment rules are being set up? (Choose 3)

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6. The marketing team at Universal Containers is responsible for creating new leads and distributing them to different regional sales groups for qualification. How can a system administrator automate the process?

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7. Which user is listed in the case history related list for case changes made from assignment and escalation rules?

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8. When working on opportunities, sales representatives at Universal Containers need to understand how their peers have successfully managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors. Which feature should a system administrator use to facilitate this? (Choose 2)

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9. Sales representatives at Universal Containers should be notified any time support cases related to accounts they own change status. How can the system administrator accomplish this?

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10. Universal Containers require that support agents take ownership of and respond to incoming cases within two hours of case creation. How can a system administrator automate this process?

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11. Which option is available when using the process visualizer? (Choose 2)

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12. Universal Containers wants to capture the invoice number and account credit score for billing cases. How would an administrator accomplish this? (Choose 2)

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13. Which setting can a system administrator enable in the Salesforce user interface? (Choose 2)

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14. When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data? (Choose 3)

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15. An opportunity record, created with a close date of July 30, meets the criteria of a time-dependent workflow rule. The time-dependent action is scheduled for July 23. What happens if the opportunity is edited before July 23 and no longer meets the criteria?

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16. The marketing team at Universal Containers wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can a system administrator automate this process?

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17. What should an administrator consider when configuring workflow rules? (Choose 2)

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