End User - Sales Cloud

Course Description

This 2.5 hour course, catered to onboarded new and daily Salesforce users, will provide insight into the full functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud and best practices that can be implemented into your organization. Ensure you are fully utilizing the powerful features of Salesforce; we’ll help ensure you’re well-knowledged to get the most out of your CRM tool.

This Course is Ideal for:

  • Onboarding new Salesforce users
  • Daily Salesforce Sales Cloud End-Users
  • Those looking for a basic refresher
  • Companies not fully utilizing the powerful features of Salesforce

Course Agenda

Module 1: Understanding Salesforce

Module 2: Leads, Opportunities & Campaigns

Module 3: Cases & Customer Experience

Module 4: Reports & Dashboards

Module 5: Email Sync & Mobile Access

Module 6: Next Steps & Questions