Sales Cloud Admin Course

Course Description

The Sales Cloud Admin course is a full 5-day course designed to help you learn and perfect the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator. The course follows a hands-on approach, where each topic is explained, discussed, and put into practice through different exercises showing how to get the most out of Salesforce.

This Course is Ideal for:

  • New Salesforce Admins
  • Department power users
  • Those looking for a refresher
  • Those who want an in-depth understanding of Sales Cloud
  • Those looking to write the Salesforce Certified Admin exam

Course Agenda:

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Salesforce                                                                 

Learn how to navigate Salesforce efficiently and understand the architecture and terminology of a Salesforce.

Module 2: Setting Up Salesforce & Users

Learn how to set up the basic functions of your Salesforce Instance and configure your User interface.

Module 3: Managing Users

This module focuses on how to customize your UI and manage all of the users within your organization. Learn how to manage user profiles and users, chatter groups and troubleshoot login issues.

Day 2

Module 4: Security & Access                                                                               

Learn about the security access model and how to restrict/ open data access for Salesforce users.

Day 3

Module 5: Object Customizations

This module focuses on customization. You will learn how to change, adjust and create different objects, fields, page layouts, profiles, and more within Salesforce.

Day 4

Module 6: Managing Data                                                                                       

You will learn how to import, export, mass transfer and bulk delete data using different tools available in your org.

Module 7: Reports & Dashboards

You will learn how to create, share and display (dashboards) different custom reports to help with all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Service.

Module 8: Automation                                                                                             

You will learn to take your company’s current in-house processes and display them within Salesforce, while saving time by automating repetitive tasks. This module focuses on Email Templates, Workflow Rules, Process Builder and Lead Automation.

Day 5

Module 9: Managing the Support Process

Understand the case life cycle, how to create a support process, automate support processes and how the Lightning Service Console can streamline case management for support users.

Exam Prep

Review the course material and test your knowledge on the practice exam.