Salesforce Pardot Courses

Pick and choose which session fits your needs! Take our 2 Day Pardot course for an in-depth understanding of all things Pardot or just the Exam Prep to test your knowledge. If you are looking to get your Pardot Certification, we recommend taking both the 2-Day Pardot course and the Exam Prep.

2-Day Pardot

2 Day Course
10 AM - 6 PM ET
$1200 USD

This 2-day course will show you how to effectively design, build, and implement marketing workflows, as well as how to optimize your Pardot environment for optimal marketing and lead generation. Through clear examples and hands-on exercises, this course will help you improve your marketing technology skills and get the most out of Pardot and its applications.

The course follows a hands-on approach, where each topic is explained, discussed, and put into practice through different exercises showing how to get the most out of Pardot.

Exam Prep

1 Day Course
10 AM - 3 PM ET
$350 USD

This 1-day session is geared towards those looking to write the Salesforce Pardot Specialist Certification. HTT’s Exam Prep offers a review of the topics covered in our 2-Day Pardot session, an extended Q&A session and two diverse practice exams to set you up for success!

This Course is Ideal for:

  • Pardot Marketers
  • Business Users
  • Salesforce Administrators
  • Those looking to write the Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist exam (Exam Prep additionally recommended)

Course Agenda:

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to the Pardot application and the Pardot Specialist certification.

Module 2: Salesforce Integration

Understand the relationship between the Pardot and salesforce, how to connect your instance and how to sync your data and campaigns.

Module 3: Admin

Learn about user roles, security, permissions setup and maintenance within your org.

Module 4: Visitors & Prospects

Understand how Pardot tracks and creates visitors and prospects, how to create prospects manually, and the data this provides your company.

Module 5: List Management

Learn about the different types of lists in Pardot, their use cases, how to manage and when to utilize them.

Module 6: Personalization and Email Marketing

Understand email marketing through Pardot, how to create email templates, A/B tests, and how to collect your data in Email Reports.

Module 7: Lead Generation

This module focuses on how Pardot generates leads through forms, landing pages, custom redirects, and the relationship between them.

Module 8: Lead Management

This module focuses on page actions, completion actions, segmentation and automation rules, dynamic lists, providing an in depth understanding and use cases.

Module 9: Lead Qualification

Understand lead qualification, scoring, scoring categories, grading and how to automate this in your organization.

Module 10: Lead Nurturing

Understand lead nurturing, and how to create, edit, and update reports from engagement programs.