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Salesforce Manager Course

Course Description

Salesforce is a powerful tool capable of running your entire business, however most companies use less than 10% of it’s available functionality. Salesforce has built in functions and features to benefit ALL areas of your business (i.e. marketing, service, product, finance).  The Manager course is designed to highlight all the Sales cloud features you’re paying for, need, and didn’t know you already had.  This will in turn, maximize your return on investment. This is an ideal course for anyone who leads individuals, teams or departments looking to understand and leverage all their Salesforce has to offer.

Full Day 9:30- 4:30 EST

Course Agenda:

Module 1: Salesforce Overview and Understanding Licenses

Explore Salesforce and understand the different license versions available; what they mean, include and are limited to.

Module 2: Setting the Salesforce Foundation to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Learn how to customize your Salesforce Org to meet your individual requirements, ensure data quality and make the most of what you are paying for.  Understand the available integrations (email, App Exchange, etc.), learn about the mobile app so you can work on the go.  Dive into the benefits of using Chatter to increase collaboration.

Module 3: Compile, Analyze and Display All of the Data You’re Collecting

Explore best practices for reporting on data and visualizing it with dashboards. Learn how to create, display and share reports with specific team members and some best practices around the process.  Reports and Dashboards aren’t just for sales!  We will discuss use cases for all areas of your business.

Module 4: Increase Efficiency, Reduce Errors and Standardize Processes

Save time and effort by introducing workflows, process builder and other automations.  Understand how you can make the most of existing tools like campaigns and cases.  Marketing, product and service teams can all benefit from features that already exist in your Salesforce org with direct access to the information they need, and the ability to track it all in one place.

Module 5: Expanding Your Org With Other Salesforce Clouds

Understand what other features are available from the Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, the Commerce & Community Clouds, and when it may be time for you to take the next step.