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Salesforce Administrator Course

Course Description

The Salesforce Administrator course is five days in length from 9:30am-4pm. The course follows a hands-on approach where each topic is explained and discussed then put into practice through different exercises. This course will give you the knowledge needed to write the Salesforce Administrator exam to then work as a certified Salesforce Administrator.

Course Agenda

Module 1: Navigating the Application
In this module, you will learn about the data model, user interface and how to ensure data continuity and clarity.

Module 2: Customizing UI for your Organization
Learn how to set up the basic functions of your Salesforce Instance.

Module 3: Setting up & Managing Users
This module focuses on how to set up and then manage all of the users within your organization. It will set the baseline for your administrative responsibilities.

Module 4: Security and Data Management
Learn about the security access model and how to restrict and open data access for Salesforce users.

Module 5: Object Customizations
This module focuses on customization. You will learn how to change, adjust and create different objects within Salesforce.

Module 6: Managing Data
You will learn how to import, export, mass transfer and bulk delete data.

Module 7: Reports and Dashboards
You will learn how to create, share and display (dashboards) different reports to help with all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Service.

Module 8: Process & Automation
You will learn to take your company’s current in-house processes and display them within Salesforce, while saving time by automating repetitive tasks.

Module 9: Service & Support Applications
Learn about the differences and functionality of the Sales Cloud and the difference between the Service Cloud and the Service functionality.