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The Pardot Admin course is three days. It focuses on understanding the Salesforce Marketing ecosystem, how Pardot fits into it, and the associated administrative tasks of using Pardot. It will also focus on Salesforce Integration, Admin tasks such as domain management & usage governance, as well as Lead Qualification & Nurturing.

The Pardot User course is one day and falls on the third day of the Admin course. This course is for your Pardot Administrator to bring in additional Pardot users. It will focus on understanding how data in Pardot is displayed and communicated with the Sales Cloud. Users will learn how to navigate and use the tool, while also gathering insight into the full functionality and best practices associated with daily use.

Course Agenda

DAY 1 and 2 teaches Administrator functionality.


Module 1 Salesforce Integration

Module 2 Admin

Module 3 Setting up Campaigns, Tracking Visitors & Prospects

Module 4 List Management

Module 5 Personalization and Email Marketing


Module 6 Social Marketing

Module 7 Lead Generation

Module 8 Lead Management

Module 9 Lead Qualification

Module 10 Lead Nurturing/Engagement Studio

DAY 3 Teaches User functionality


Module 11 Connected Campaigns

Module 12 Using & Segmenting Lists

Module 13 Customizing Templates and Pages

Module 14 Posting on Social Media

Module 15 Using Leads

Module 16 Nurture Campaigns