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We offer two Pardot courses. The first course is “Pardot User” which is one day. The second course is “Pardot Admin” which is two days. To get the full Pardot experience, we recommend taking both courses.

The first day is designed for the “Pardot User” and will focus on understanding how data in Pardot is displayed and communicated with the Sales Cloud. Additionally, users will learn how to navigate & use the tool, while also gathering insight into the full functionality and best practices associated with daily use.

Days 2-3 are for the “Pardot Admin”, these days will focus on understanding the Salesforce Marketing ecosystem, how Pardot fits into it, and the associated administrative tasks of using Pardot. These two days will focus on Salesforce Integration, Admin tasks such as domain management & usage governance, as well as Lead Qualification & Nurturing.

User Course Agenda

• Campaigns, Visitors and Prospects
•  List Management
•  Personalization, Email & Social Marketing
•  Understanding Leads (Management, Qualification, Nurturing)

Admin Course Agenda

• User Management and Security
• Salesforce Integration
• Domains & Users
• Usage and Compliance