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CPQ is a two-part course. The first part is the “CPQ User” which is half a day. This section is user-focused and teaches you how to properly utilize the tool within your organization.

The second part is “CPQ Admin” which is a day and a half. This section takes a deeper dive into how to set up, edit, and customize basic functionality once the implementation has been completed.

CPQ User
Module 1: The Application & Data Structure
Module 2: Quote Creation & Usage
Module 3: Product Bundles
Module 4: Product Rules
Module 5: Contract & Renewal Opportunities
Module 6: Quote Templates

CPQ Admin
Module 1: Quotes
Module 2: Configure
Module 3: Product Rules
Module 4: Quote Line Editor
Module 5: Pricing & Pricing Rules
Module 6: Contracting
Module 7: Quote Templates