HTT offers a variety of courses for all your Salesforce needs. From Admin, Pardot to CPQ training, we provide courses on the platform’s most used tools in the Sales Cloud. We also offer custom courses for organizations that need help in customizing their user experience. Contact one of our course advisors for more information.

Salesforce Admin Course


Salesforce Administrators keep Salesforce users trained and educated, solve complicated business problems and keep projects moving forward. A Salesforce Administrator delivers creative solutions – making Salesforce Users happier and the business smarter and more successful!


For students or job seekers the Admin Certificate can help you get your foot in the door in one of the fastest growing job markets or take your career to the next level. Over the last 12 months, there were over 3,240 Salesforce related job openings in the US at a growth rate of 34%.

Admin Exam Prep Course

It’s exactly what it sounds like! A Course to make sure you are prepared to ace your Salesforce Admin exam.


The Pardot Course is 3 days in length. The first day is designed for the “Pardot User” and will focus on understanding how data in Pardot is displayed and communicated with the Sales Cloud. Additionally, users will learn how to navigate & use the tool, while also gathering insight into the full functionality and best practices associated with daily use.


The CPQ course is a hands-on foundational training providing you with the basic knowledge needed to set up, configure, and maintain a Salesforce CPQ instance, enabling your success with Salesforce CPQ. We recommend administrators take this course before starting a Salesforce CPQ implementation or when taking over an existing implementation. The first half-day will be user-focused, describing how to navigate the application and how to properly utilize the tool within your organization.

Salesforce Manager Course

This course is for Department heads, team leads and C-suite execs looking to take their organizations Salesforce instance to the next level. Throughout the course you will be exposed to all the different Clouds offered on the Salesforce Platform, how they work together, and how you can consolidate all of your company’s functions into one dynamic tool.

Salesforce User Course


Companies often struggle to utilize Salesforce to it’s full potential. By providing hands-on training to all of your Salesforce Users, your organization will be able to crowd-source new strategies and best practices from multiple viewpoints. Your team will quickly unlock all the tools that will efficiently allow you to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital information for you and your team to build stronger connections with your customers.


Salesforce holds a quarter of the CRM market share, and over 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce to some extent. Odds are your next role will require you to understand how to use Salesforce. The Sales User course offers you a 1 day crash course on the fundamentals of the Sales Cloud and helps you get that job that requires Salesforce experience.

Custom Course

Don’t see what your organization needs on our course list? Contact us and we can create something just for you.