About HTT

HTT provides corporate and independent Salesforce training resulting in an exceptional learning experience. Salesforce is the number one used CRM globally and can become your company’s most powerful tool. When teams or individuals learn how to best use the platform it inevitably leads to a higher rate of user adoption, and ultimately customer success.

We offer a variety of course options and we can build custom curriculum to allow for a hands-on approach that assists your company in exceeding sales strategies and seamless automation.

Why We’re The Best Trainers For You!!

Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce veteran or still fairly new, let us show you everything it can do for you.

  • Our course options are geared to suit everyone – wherever and whenever works for you

  • We have partnered with several organizations to help you break into the workforce once your course is done

  • We will make sure your organization is getting the maximum Return On Investment